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Important Message: Foursquare Annual Report

Andrew Nakamura

The English and Spanish (subtitled) versions of the video, “Why do we need an Annual Report?” are ready and available for viewing!
Here are the links:
·         English (no subtitles):
·         Spanish (subtitles):

The video is germane to the overall message of Reimagine 2.0 and how our movement is aligning everything to leverage our energies toward the three missional objectives and is also available on our website.

Pastors Are Invited: IMPT. SB 1146 Meeting Wednesday, August 10th

Andrew Nakamura

Dear Friend,

Over the last few weeks you have received a few communications from me as we are mobilizing churches and leaders regarding the threat to religious freedom we are confronting in California in the form of SB 1146. You already know that California Legislature has been considering this bill that would seriously undermine and remove the ability of Christian universities to integrate faith into the community experience. 

We have already mobilized many churches and leaders, and on Wednesday, August 10, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., we are planning another gathering of pastors and church leaders in Orange County for a luncheon that will inform you and request your aid. This will follow the pattern of similar past gatherings in Pasadena and San Diego. 

At this event, university presidents from Vanguard, Concordia, and Hope International will explain the situation in detail and the seriousness that it represents. This luncheon will be held on the campus of Vanguard University at:


Newport-Mesa Church, 55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 

Would you kindly RSVP on the below link if you plan to attend? This will help us in our preparation for the day.



I would like to urge you to attend if you have not been able to be present at one of the other gatherings. Perhaps you could bring some of your staff or some other local pastors nearby your church.  Let me know.



Rev. Kevin W. Mannoia, Ph.D.

Chaplain, Azusa Pacific University

URGENT! Call to Prayer for Our Nation, Sunday, July 10th

Andrew Nakamura

As our nation grieves for the recent violent events, we must take godly action and bring hope and healing to our communities. We are encouraging all our churches this weekend to dedicate time in their worship services to pray and intercede for the heart of the country. As shepherds of God’s flock, I encourage you to lead your congregations in healthy and practical ways in days to come so they shine the light of Jesus in the midst of darkness. Use your social media outlets wisely with messages that reflect the heart of Jesus and stand out without taking political sides. Instruct your flocks to bring peace in their circles of influence. More than any other time in recent years our country is in need of God’s children to make a difference with their tone, wisdom, and loving actions. We are called to be peacemakers because we follow the Prince of Peace.

May God bless the United States of America,




A letter from General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo

Dear Pastors,

Our hearts are grieved by the pain and unrest in our nation. You received an email message from our President Glenn Burris yesterday calling us to prayer and action. Please take time in your services this weekend to pray through the points provided that we, as one voice, call on the Prince of Peace to heal our land. Beyond this we are asking you to prayerfully consider how you and your church can engage in your community. We have attached two videos from Pastor Keith Jenkins, and a link to the second provided by our Foursquare Chaplains International Director, Jason Reynolds

Each of these share their thoughts about how we can all be part of the solution. There truly is something everyone can do! The church must lead in reconciliation, peace and grace confronting all injustice with the love of God. Consider how you can engage local ministers in your community, civic leaders, law enforcement officers, school administrators, business leaders, neighbors, etc. Bring people together to have open dialogue, grieve, hear each other’s story, and strategize solutions together. Let’s be the salt that preserves and the light that illuminates as we are called to be!

May we experience God’s great grace in these days,


Tammy Dunahoo

General Supervisor | The Foursquare Church

213.989.4253 |

To read President Glenn Burris' call to prayer, CLICK HERE.


Andrew Nakamura

Fall Preview @ Life Pacific College |  October 6-8, 2016

Fall Preview is a great opportunity for prospective students and parents to preview Life Pacific College and learn more about what the college has to offer academically, spiritually and, vocationally. Guests will enjoy a weekend filled with Night of Worship, ministry, dynamic classes, information sessions, chapel, faculty and alumni panels, ASB events and scholarship give-aways! For more information or to register go to:  

Below are some additional resources to show your youth or young adults!

To view the preview day promo, CLICK HERE.

With the Lord...Our Precious Missionaries, Jackie Coppens & Virginia Martin

Andrew Nakamura

Former Missionaries, Jackie Coppens and Virginia Martin, went to be with the Lord .  We rejoice as they have heard our Savior say, “well done good and faithful servant.”  


Jacqueline went to be with the Lord on Monday, April 16, 2016. 

Jacquelyn graduated from L.I.F.E. in 1953. She was involved with Foursquare ministry in the U.S. from 1953 through 1964. Jacquelyn was a missionary assist in Nicaragua from 1964 until 1965. She served in Guatemala with Christian Service Corps from 1969 - 1973.

During her time in Guatemala she learned and worked with TEE program.In 1973, Jacquelyn was deployed as a missionary to Costa Rica. She directed the training institute in the southern border region. From there she was sent to Guatemala. During this stint she taught at the Bible institute. Jacquelyn also adapted the TEE program to train Foursquare workers.

Jacquelyn was sent to Argentina in 1981 where she directed the TEE program which grew to 18 locations with an enrollment of 250 students. In 1986 she was sent to Ecuador. Jacquelyn directed the TEE program during her term of service.

Jackie’s funeral will be held in Arizona on Sunday, April 24th at 3pm at Grace Chapel Foursquare Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.



Virginia (Colbert) Martin, formerly a missionary to South America, passed away on Sunday, April 17, 2016. 

Serving as a single woman in Bolivia from 1935, Virginia was a crusader missionary. She married (Angus) Claire Martin in 1939, and they served for one year in Bolivia before returning to the United States due to Claire’s illness. The Martins were reassigned to Colombia in 1943 and were part of the team that re-opened a work there, establishing the ministry in Cartagena. They also served many islands and villages along riverbanks that could only be reached by boat; and were pastors in the church in Bucaramanga, which grew to a membership of more than 1,000.

Virginia served as a Foursquare Missionary for 41 years and was living in Yuma, Arizona, with her daughters. At the time of her passing she was 101 years young. Virginia is survived by her daughters, Linda Martin and Cora Lynn Cox; granddaughters, Kimberly Dirmann and Debbie Diaz; great-grandchildren, Alexa and Jonathan Dirmann; and great-great-granddaughter, Riley Dirmann. Services will be held at The Rock in Anaheim, California, on Friday, May 20, 2016, at 11:00 a.m.    



SWD Cambodia Youth Missions Trip Quickly Approaching

Andrew Nakamura

(In the above photo from left to right: Chris Gray, Peter Salo, Cooper McDaniel, Pastor Craig Lawrence, Alyssa Sandberg, Joy Gardner, Hannah Johnson, Cydney Merrit, Mia Gomez, Lilly Verduzco, and Sarah Bakker (not pictured Cristina Fresquez and Sky Gonzalez).

As the Southwest District's Youth Missions trip quickly approaches, please keep them in your prayers! They will be traveling to Cambodia June 19th - July 2nd and will be teaming with FCOP in helping to build homes, do public outreaches, working with the missionary team set in place in Cambodia. They will immerse themselves in the culture, pray with people, and experience a powerful move of God as the Holy Spirit confirms His Word working through them. The 12 students are: 

  • Peter Salo
  • Mia Gomez
  • Lilly Verduzco 
  • Alyssa Sandberg
  • Sarah Bakker 
  • Chris Gray
  • Hannah Johson 
  • Cydney Merritt
  • Cooper McDaniel 
  • Joy Gardner 
  • Sky Gonzalez
  • Cristina Fresquez

The goal of sending the students to Cambodia specifically is because the teams in Cambodia experience miracles--the blind see, the lame walk and the deaf hear!it is our prayer that these students will too experience the same thing. In them going we are praying and asking the Lord to do MIRACLES. 

The team will be lead by Pastor Craig Lawrence, Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Pomona, CA. The cost of the trip is $3,000 per student -- if you would like to  donate, please send a check to the Southwest District (ATTN: Brittany Treglia) with “Cambodia Trip 2016” in the memo.


Fresh New Foursquare Education Symposium This February!

Andrew Nakamura

We’re excited to announce a fresh new look to the Foursquare Education Symposium in 2016, an event that we believe offers something for everyone, including well-known speakers in the world of education.  Most importantly, our topic of Leadership Formation is critical in this hour for The Foursquare Church, which is why we’re inviting licensed ministers, lay leaders, institute directors, educators, academics, scholars, and all who desire to be freshly equipped for the task of equipping others.  Additionally, in the Tuesday AM plenary session the NCO education and training team will be presenting the direction for The Foursquare Church for leadership development.

We will gather on the campus of Life Pacific College in San Dimas, CA from Monday February 29-Wednesday March 2, 2016.  Online registration and details on the schedule, plenary speakers, lodging options, area maps, and full event information are included in the attached flier and also available online at

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us in the National Church Office at 213.989.4258 or via email to  We are here to serve and support you in the crucial Kingdom mission of leadership formation.  We look forward to seeing you in San Dimas in February!

LPC's Hosting a New MASL Lecture Series This Month

Andrew Nakamura

LPC is launching the new MASL Lecture Series on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at Life Pacific College. 

The event will begin at 9:00 a.m., concluding at 12:00 p.m. in the Rolf K. McPherson Chapel and is open to all pastors and leaders.

Held during the week of the MASL residency, this Lecture Series is intended to provide increased scholarly engagement for a smaller group.

Dr. Michael Whyte, Provost Emeritus and Professor at Azusa Pacific University will present on Leadership Transition: Succession, Sustainability, Strengthening and Expansion  

LPC is also pleased to welcome special guest (and our very own SWD Supervisor), Reverend Kimberly Dirmann.

Guests will be enriched by:

  • Continuing education
  • Relevant Research
  • Scholarly engagement
  • Professional connections

The cost is FREE! For more information and to register simply go to:

Year-End Information from SWD Administrator, Andrew Nakamura

Andrew Nakamura

December 2015

Dear Southwest District family,

It’s probably safe to say that 2015 has been a year characterized by both financial victories and challenges in our nation and for many individuals within our congregations. Recent legislation like the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) and all of this has a measurable affect on charitable giving and church operations. As you probably know, new tax laws, the timing of their implementation and the understanding of how they will affect each citizen seem to be in a constant state of change and uncertainty…but it’s comforting to know that the kingdom principles that Jesus taught us never change and come with His divine guarantee!

We know that paying our fair share of taxes is biblical.  Even Jesus paid the temple tax and taught us to “give to Caesar what is Caesars’ and to God what is Gods’.”  Yet Psalm 112 also says that one who delights in the Lord will “manage his affairs with discretion.”

Here are some practical notes and tips for you and your congregation how to employ principles of good stewardship over the resources that God has entrusted to our care:

Charitable gifts

A payment by check is deductible in the year the check is mailed (postmarked before the end of day on December 31, 2015) or unconditionally hand-delivered to the church, by that same date. If a large contribution is mailed on December 31, it is also advisable to use certified mail and retain the receipt as documentation that your contribution was made before the end of the year.

Donors must substantiate individual cash contributions of $250 or more “by a contemporaneous written acknowledgment of the contribution by the church. Donors cannot substantiate individual cash contributions of $250 or more with canceled checks. They must receive a written acknowledgment from the church or other charity.

Electronic giving

A great way to make sure your end-of-year donations make the cut-off is to utilize online giving. For business owners or investors expecting an influx of income in the first part of the year, electronic giving provides a great option to maximize your tax deductions this year for income anticipated in early January 2016.  The district office can guide you to some great options for implementing electronic giving in your church, including the use of “ipad kiosks” and “apps” for smartphones.

Encourage your people to consider donating appreciated assets. Donating property that has appreciated in value, like stocks, can result in a double benefit. Not only can you deduct the fair market value of the property (so long as you’ve owned it for at least one year), you avoid paying capital gains tax. Normally, appreciated property is subject to capital gains tax at disposition. There is an exception for donations to charitable organizations: donors escape paying capital gains tax altogether.

Donating stocks, bonds or other monetary instruments

Stocks, bonds, annuities and certain other financial instruments (owned for more than one year) can be donated directly to the church.

Investors desiring to make donations to the church, but stand to incur tax consequences for cashing out these investments, may benefit greatly by donating their stock directly and allowing the church to cash out the investment. Doing so provides the following benefits:

·      The donor gets a tax deduction for 100% of the market value of the asset, and does not have to pay (the often hefty) capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

·      The church gets to cash out the asset for the higher value and also does not pay taxes on it because of our non-profit status.

·      These transfers are usually very east to execute and made simply by filling out a form.

Donors in the higher income tax brackets will face some important planning decisions as 2015 closes.  Consider the following possible strategy:

·      Transfer assets to the church through a Charitable Remainder Trust.  A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a private fund that you set up and contribute to. It provides you or the beneficiaries you select with taxable income for a certain number of years, or for life. Money that's left over—the "remainder"—passes tax-free to one or more charities of your choosing.  The significant benefit of these tools is that your contributions (of cash, investments or property) are tax deductible, based on the amount of money projected to go to charity and can be used to offset your taxable income distributions from the trust.

·      For more information about these options, visit Foursquare Financial Solutions planned giving website at:

For Pastors: If you need advice on how to facilitate receipt of a stock donation to your church, please contact the District Office and we can send you information on options to process this donation.

Please be aware: Volunteers cannot deduct the value of their time. The IRS does not allow a charitable deduction for volunteering your services (even professional services). The good news is that (unreimbursed) out-of-pocket expenses relating to volunteering at church directly connected with your volunteer services are usually deductible. Such out-of-pocket charitable expenses that might be deductible include the cost of transportation (including parking fees and tolls); travel expenses while you are away from home performing services for a charitable organization and supplies or materials used in the performance of your services. As with other donations, keep good records since documentation is key.

 Tax deductions for mileage when volunteering at church

People who volunteer their time at church (or with other charities) may deduct $0.14 per mile on their federal tax return for the mileage driven in their personal vehicle to and from church. The IRS still requires contemporaneous records (such as a mileage log) showing odometer readings, date of travel, charitable purpose etc. In many cases the IRS has accepted MapQuest printouts in lieu of odometer readings. This only applies to those who are serving as a volunteer on the date of travel and who are not compensated in any way by the church/charity.

Other planning tips for 2016

As we move into 2016, the political climate affecting churches is changing.  It is more important than ever for churches in the US to ensure that their policies and procedures comply with local, state, and federal employment laws. Financial matters often contribute to the top reasons churches and religious organizations end up in court each year.  Here are some important planning tips to help your church stay above reproach and ensure that your time and energy can stay focused on mission:

·      Send out 1099’s – IRS Forms 1099 along with transmittal form 1096 is required to report any compensation of $600 or more for services rendered by a non-employee.  This includes any payment for services like: honorariums, stipends and appreciation gifts to non-staff workers. Churches must file copy A (red) of all paper forms by February 28 or E-file their 1099’s/1096 by March 31.  Please note that many individuals file their tax returns well in advance of those dates, and the vendor copies are due by January 31.  For more information on how to generate 1099’s through QuickBooks, see the tutorial video available on the administrative toolkit: QuickBooks and The Foursquare Hub Resources

·      Renew Housing allowances – As a best practice, and to ensure maximum benefit we recommend that all ministers submit a revised housing allowance to be approved and documented in the church council minutes before January 1st of each year.  For information about the ministers housing allowance and compensation for ministers, see the Church Compensation Practices video series: Church Compensation and HR Practices – Module 2.  You can also find forms, sample letters and other housing allowance resources here: Employee Forms.

·      Budgeting and planning & retooling your financial systems – As you approach the end of the year, consider taking advantage of the many budgeting and planning tools that are now available: QuickBooks and The Foursquare Hub Resources.  These resources have been strategically designed to help pastors and their teams to organize their financial information for easy integration with the Foursquare Monthly Church report while maintaining great flexibility to customize reporting to fit your church.

·      In-service training for your staff - The beginning of a new year is a great time to sharpen your ministry skills by training together as a team.  Consider using some of the new training resources available here: Administrative Training Video Series.

No matter what happens with economies, governments, laws or taxes we can rejoice in the knowledge that God’s kingdom continues to thrive.  In the words of John the Apostle “His commandments are not burdensome.  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”

May God lead you into new levels of victory in 2016 and beyond!


Andrew Nakamura

Southwest District Administrator

Dedicated LV ...Just One Day Away!!!

Andrew Nakamura

Just one day away, Dedicated Youth Conference will be " unforgettable, three-day event taking place June 24th through June 26th. Dedicated Youth Conference has been created to refresh youth pastors, ignite youth groups and equip the next generation of pastors and leaders to follow Jesus and fulfill His mission in their cities and across the nation!

This conference features some of the most influential voices of our generation, including Benny & Wendy Perez, Daniel Fernandez, and more. Encounter God in powerful worship experiences, in-depth leadership training and transformational night sessions.

Location: The Church, LV; Phone: 702.361.1579; Email:

Registration: Regular - $50; At-the-door - $60.

To register or for additional information, CLICK HERE.

Highlights from Connection '15

Andrew Nakamura

Foursquare moved further into its future by going back to its roots this week, as thousands gathered May 25–28, 2015, near the movement’s birthplace to reconnect with others and recommit to the values that drove those who went before.

Forty-six states and 43 countries were represented among the 3,771 pastors, leaders, church delegates and kids at Foursquare Connection 2015, hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California under the theme “Sent.”

To read more from about highlights from Connection '15, CLICK HERE.

Over 900 Volunteer Slots Still Left to Fill for Connection '15

Andrew Nakamura

As you know, Convention is well underway!                                           

While there has been a response to filling many of the needed slots for Convention, over 900 slots remain open, with our greatest needs being the Connection Center, Information, Transportation and NextGen Teams—specifically Preschool, Toddlers and Tweens.

Anyone serving 12 hours will receive a FREE Convention registration ($239 value). Refunds will be given to those already registered.

If you or someone you know would be willing to help, CLICK HERE to register to VOLUNTEER ...

See you in Anaheim!

SW District Partners with FDR after Flood Damages

Andrew Nakamura

In December 4-6, 2014, a severe weather front with heavy rain struck southern California causing floods, mud slides and damage in several regions. One area heavily impacted was the Reservation for the Soboba Band of Luiseno Native Americans, located in Riverside County where Foursquare Pastor and Missionary, Yaseer Handall, leads a cross-cultural ministry.

As a result of the flooding, Soboba Kut Poki Lighthouse Church suffered damages totaling between $85,000 - $95,000 and three to three-and-a-half months of work.  Despite the damage to the church, it was not enough to qualify for federal funding. Foursquare Disaster Relief has partnered by donating $25,000 to the restoration, and is asking the Southwest District, along with FMI and the Foursquare body of churches to prayerfully consider supporting this ministry. Larry Lee, Senior Pastor of The Gathering, will help supervise the work along with Pastor Yaseer. To respond and rally around this church through work efforts or financial support, email us at:

New Arizona Area Pastors!

Andrew Nakamura

Our district is on the move and we have an exciting announcement!  As you may already know, Richard Casteel has accepted the role of Southwest District Missions Representative.  Because of his new role, Mark Leuning has agreed to serve as the Arizona Area Pastor--and we are thrilled!  Mark & Jennifer are the Senior Pastors of the Tempe South Foursquare Church. Both, the Arizona churches and our district will be blessed by their leadership and love! Please join us in giving them a warm SW District welcome!

We want to express our deep appreciation to Richard & Becky Casteel for being such a vital part of our team! They have served Arizona diligently and faithfully and have been a source of strength and blessing to our entire district. Richard and Becky are gifted leaders and will continue to be instrumental in this season.--for that, we are extremely grateful!

Life Pacific Spring Preview Day

Andrew Nakamura

Attention all 9 - 12th graders! On Friday, March 6th Life Pacific College is hosting the Spring Preview 1-Day Event. This preview day is designed for 9th-12th grade and transfer students.

Attend class, experience chapel, tour the campus, engage our current student and alumni panel, and explore the idea of becoming an LPC student! The students at Life Pacific College are Dreaming Big about their lives and they want you to Dream Big too!

Quick Schedule

8:00 – Arrival & Registration/Campus Tours and Department Fair
9:00 – Welcome to Life Session
10:20 – Chapel with Dr. Dan Stewart
11:30 – Classes and Sessions *subject to change

  • Intro to Sociology – Dr. Terry Samples
  • Business As Mission – Dr. Mick Bates
  • Intro to Ministry in the Helping Professions – Dr. Gayle Samples
  • Theology Q and A – Dr. Michael Salmeier
  • Missionary Life – Dr. Karen Tremper
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Session *recommended for parents

12:45 – Lunch/President’s Reception for Parents and Leaders  (RSVP Here)
2:00 – Alumni Session
3:00 – Faculty and Program Session
4:00 – Breakouts and Free Time
4:00 – Launching Your Student with Dr. Gayle Samples (Parents Only)
5:00 – Dinner – Outdoor BBQ
5:30 – Coffeehouse and Fine Arts Performances 
8:00 – Depart 


Registration DateStudentsParents/Leaders

Before Feb 11$10.00$5.00

Feb 12-28$15.00$10.00

Mar 1–7$20.00$15.00

To register, CLICK HERE.


With Deep Appreciation

Andrew Nakamura

With deep appreciation we say goodbye to Richard Farris who has faithfully served as SWD’s District Missions Representative (DMR) these past four years. During this time, five missionary families have been launched around the world, as well as short-term trips to Mexico, Nicaragua and Haiti to name a few. Richard is part of Cornerstone Church in Las Vegas, and we're glad to say he'll continue to be involved with District missions. Join us in thanking Richard Farris and praying blessing over him!

 Welcome to Richard Casteel, Senior Pastor of Grace Scottsdale in Arizona, who will serve as our new DMR. When asked what he looks forward to as he steps into this new role, he responded, “I look forward to helping build a strong partnership in the SW District between local churches and FMI to accelerate the mission of taking the Gospel to the whole world until all have heard. It is this historic partnership that has made the Foursquare Church a leader in global missions around the world. Together we can do much more than we can do alone.” We are thrilled to have Richard as an integral member of our team. Join us in giving him a warm SWD welcome!

A Call to Action and Prayer...

Andrew Nakamura

With many recent tragic events, both global and local, the Foursquare Church has called churches to prayer.  Below are listed a few different topics and points of prayer for recent events, inclusive of SWD's call to prayer and fasting in January 2015.

  • With the recent mass executions, the following portion was sent in a letter to our senior pastors from President Glenn Burris:  "The recent beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians is a reminder to the body of Christ that even in the 21st century Christians are being martyred," says US Assemblies of God General Superintendent, George O. Wood.  "Please consider setting aside time this Sunday and/or subsequent Sundays to pray for believers all over the world who are facing persecution, discrimination, marginalization, and even death." 

May we never cease to pray on behalf of those whose families have lost the lives of their loved ones for the sake of the Christ, and for the Body of Christ, at large.


  • Prayer is also needed in light of recent floodings that have been declared as a federeal disaster, this statement was released as it affected a local Foursquare ministry, dispatching FEMA to aid:

Soboba Band of Luiseno Native Americans

Soboba Lighthouse Church (Ku Poki “house of light”)

February 6, 2015


December 4-6, 2014 a severe weather front with heavy rain struck southern California causing floods, mud slides and damage in several regions. One area heavily impacted was the Reservation for the Soboba Band of Luiseno Native Americans, located in Riverside County. Foursquare Pastor/Missionary Yaseer Handall ministers to this tribe and is in the capacity of a leader teacher for the local pastors.

On January 27, 2015 President Obama declared the location as a federal disaster (FEMA Report) releasing federal funds for the reservation. Upon reading the FEMA declaration Foursquare Disaster Relief contacted Pastor Yaseer to see if they could assist him.


1. Lighthouse Pastor Lori, advised Yasser that the damage the church received was not enough to qualify for the federal funding. There is needed repair, which includes relocating one of the trailers from the flood path. 

2. Two bids for repairs and material. The repairs will require some professional contract work for moving of the trailer, septic tank, plumbing and electrical. Volunteers will do the carpentry from the church and a local Foursquare church. The Reservation has offered to lend the church two tractors for some of the work.

3. Approximate cost for materials is between $45,000-$50,000. Professional labor came in at $40,000-$45,000, for a total of $85,000-$95,000.

4. Once funding is received it will take approximately 3 to 3 ½ months to complete the work.


FDR is not able to fund the entire operation but is willing to donate $25,000 to the operation. FDR is asking S/W district, Hispanic District and FMI to prayerfully consider contributing to this ministry. Also for local Foursquare churches and the entire Foursquare body of churches across the USA to consider supporting this ministry.


1. Lighthouse church membership is 25-30

2. Local Foursquare Church volunteering to help rebuild is “The Gathering Place”, Pastor Larry Lee will help supervise the work along with Pastor Yaseer.

3. Review the contract bids with others within Foursquare who have a contract back ground to verify costs and if the suggestions are the best way to do the work.

4. All work and response shall and must go through Missionary Yaseer to make sure we honor and protect those we are responding to assist as this is a cross cultural ministry. 


Pastor Yaseer stated that when he told the small church that Fousquare was trying to help them and was praying for them the common response was “You mean there are people across the nation that actually know that we exist and are praying for us?” And another woman from the tribe told Yaseer when she heard about our contact, “Your God is really a big God.” Yasser commented it is so amazing to see what God is doing with these Native peoples and how He is touching their lives.

Gary Grubbs, FDR-US Operations Chief


  • In January of this year, the churches of the Southwest District also joined in prayer and fasting, covering every day for the entire month of January.  Thank you to those who partnered with us, setting aside time to seek the face of God for a fresh move of the Spirit in reaching His harvest. 

As we move forward in 2015, please continue to pray that:

1.     The Holy Spirit ignites a fire in the hearts of all believers for the lost.

2.     An evident move of the Holy Spirit draws people to the Lord. 

3.     There is an awakening of the genuine gifts and works of the Holy Spirit.        

4.     Leaders would receive fresh and innovative strategies on how to reach and disciple the lost.

5.     God would send an abundance of laborers for the harvest.


After Fire, Foursquare Church Does Not Lose Hope

Andrew Nakamura

Please keep Living Word Foursquare Church, in Riverside, CA, led by Senior PastorsEdgy and Sonia Gallegos, in your prayers as a fire ravaged their church early Sunday morning, February 1st, around 1 am. Thankfully, there were no injuries. The church was established in the 1920’s and has been responsible for healing, saving and restoring many lives in the Riverside community.
Though there is much work to rebuild, Pastor Edgy remains hopeful sharing, “It hurts to see it, but we know that God has something bigger and better for us."
Let us rally around this church with love, prayer and encouragement. If you’d like to send a note or gift, mail to: Rev. Edgy Gallegos at Living Word Foursquare Church, 4291 11th St., Riverside, CA 92501

Bring Out The Welcome Wagon

Andrew Nakamura

There’s a song that lauds, “I love a Carolina sunset, that’s one thing a man will never forget; it brings heaven a little bit closer to earth.” If that’s true about a Carolina sunset, it surely rings ever so more true about Pat Zimmerly, our new Licensing Coordinator. Pat moved to Southern Cali's 'sunnier side of the ‘street’ just a little over two weeks ago from the home of NASCAR, Concorde, North Carolina.

As sassy as she is an expert in her field, we are thrilled to have her onboard to serve our district. If you haven’t already met her in one of your calls to the Credentials Department in North Carolina over the last few years, we know you’ll be blessed when you do! 

Click here to read a little more about Pat and join us in giving her a warm SWD welcome!

Let's Talk Southwest!

Andrew Nakamura

For the avid reader, weekly info via eBlasts can be a quick, entertaining read. However, our God is a God of VARIETY! That being said, we’re adding a new component to the communication-mix. Once a month (for starters), on the FIRST Friday, we’ll be featuring a video interview with leaders and ministers for connection, resourcing and an up-close-and-personal touch that helps put a face to the name.

Be on the lookout … Next Friday we’ll hear from our very own Southwest District Supervisor, Kimberly Dirmann. This is another exciting development to look forward to as God has gifted us with incredible people from whom we can listen and learn. Plan to carve aside about three minutes, grab a tasty beverage to sip on; then kick back, watch and enjoy the show!